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Dave Lung is South African-born professional comic artist, currently living in Austria.

He began his professional career in comics in 2001 working as an inker on Batman for DC Comics.

He has subsequently worked on various projects with DC, Marvel and several independent companies as an inker, interior and sequential illustrator and cover artist, most notably, his inking work on Batman, Silver Surfer, New Avengers, and the Wolverine Dark Reign saga.

He now mainly concentrates on covers and variant and in-store variant covers such as Justice League Dark, Poison Ivy, Silver Surfer Dark and Star Wars for Marvel, DC Comics and other various publishers.

He has appeared at various comic conventions and events to share his knowledge and experience with aspiring artists, giving workshops and panels on inking techniques, storytelling, and other comic art topics. He has also served as a judge for several comic art competitions.

Aside from his work in comics, he is also an accomplished painter, having had his works exhibited in galleries in South Africa, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

His art style is known for its clean lines, expressive characters, and attention to detail, which has made him a favorite among comic book fans and collectors around the world.


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