VIECC® Indie Area together with Super Crowd

Showcase your game at the VIECC® Indie Area!

Welcome to the VIECC® Indie Area

With Super Crowd we have found a partner who shares our passion for indie games.

Together with Super Crowd we want to create a new home for Indie Developers at Vienna Comic Con. With the expertise of our new partner, we want to offer game developers from the indie scene a stage.

The Vienna Comic Con is the biggest entertainment event in Austria and Central Europe. Gaming is part of the DNA of our events and our community.

Beneficiaries of the Vienna Comic Con

More than 35,000+ visitors at Vienna Comic Con 2022.

Returning visitors
Visitors from Austria
Visitors over 18
Our partner at the Indie Area

Teaming up with Super Crowd to create a new home for indies at VIECC®.

Since 2018, the team of Super Crowd Entertainment GmbH has been organizing various event appearances, including the largest shared indie game booth at gamescom, the Indie Arena Booth, the Hamburg Games Conference and, since 2022, the successful Polaris Convention, which enriches northern Germany as a community event.

With a solid background in software development, Super Crowd has also developed their in-house Super Crowd App, which gamifies events for attendees, giving visibility to all exhibitors.

How do I apply for the Indie Area?

Fill out online form

You can fill out the online form until October 16.
The registration and handling of the Indie Area will be done by our partner Super Crowd.

For questions

If you have further questions about the VIECC® Indie Area, you can contact our partner Super Crowd directly.

Partner of the VIECC® Indie Area