VIECC® Cosplay Village

Meet our Cosplay Star Guests and local Cosplayer at our Vienna Comic Con Cosplay Village!

Welcome to VIECC® Cosplay Village

Not only will you find our international cosplay guests there this year, but you can apply for a spot yourself now, because with the amount of local talent, it would be a shame not to showcase them as well.

As a participating cosplayer you will get a table with 2 seats and the entrance for you plus one accompanying person. If you are a cosplay duo, please indicate this when registering, because then we can provide you with enough space – otherwise sharing tables is not allowed.

Of course, you are welcome to sell prints and homemade items at your table.

Due to limited availability, we will notify you if you are in after the application period closes!

How do I apply for the Cosplay Village?

01. registration conditions
  • All cosplayers with main residence in Austria can apply for the Cosplay Village.
  • You must have at least Be 18 years old to apply for a Cosplay Village space.
  • No “18+” prints or erotic images may be exhibited.
02. fill in the online form

You can complete the online form from the beginning of February 2024 until mid-May 2024.
We will then check the registration and inform the participants for the Cosplay Village via e-mail.

03. wait and see and drink tea

After the application deadline, all applications received will be reviewed. You will then receive an e-mail from us in the summer with an acceptance or rejection.

We will then announce and present the participating cosplayers via social media and website.