Kodiak cosplay

Behind Kodiak Cosplay is the Hamburg Jane, which is already active since 2014 as a cosplayer and since 2019 is also regularly booked for companies & events. Here she portrays a wide variety of characters from well-known gaming and fantasy universes. Through her expertise in cosplay, she has been active at a wide variety of trade shows and has been booked by companies such as Riot to portray in-game characters from League of Legends. In addition, she embodies the mascot of the Polaris Fair Meggie since 2022. Here Jane produces all her cosplays herself by hand.

It’s not uncommon for hundreds of hours of work to go into a single outfit, which only highlights the craftsmanship behind it and their dedication to cosplay. For Jane is not only the perfect costume important, but also the appropriate in-scene set in a suitable location or at the appropriate event.