VIECC® Cosplay Championships Contest is back!.

Celebrate the best Cosplays at VIECC® Cosplay Championships Contest 2023!

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VIECC® Cosplay Championships Rules

Find the Rules for this year’s Contest here!

VIECC® Cosplay Championships Regeln

Hier kannst du die Regeln zum Wettbewerb nachlesen.

Celebrate our Cosplay Champions with a price pool of  €3.000! do

For both local and international participants join the VIECC® Cosplay Championships on Saturday, November 18, 2023!
In this contest there will be a prize money of €1.700,- for the 1st place, €800,- for the second place and €500,- for getting the 3rd place!

In addition, there will be Judge’s Choice placements which can look forward to a package of non-cash prizes.

The judging will focus on the costume itself. There will be no categorizations. Emphasis in judging will be on accurate reproduction of the source material, variety of techniques used, and their execution.Participation is possible from the age of 18, as long as the cosplay has not been awarded before. Participants may also enter other VIECC® contests with the same costume.

First Place aka VIECC® Cosplay Champion

  • 1.700€ Price money
  • VIECC® Cosplay Championships 2023 Trophy
  • 2 VIP Tickets for VIECC® 2024
  • Other prices by partners

Second Place

  • 800€ Price money
  • VIECC® Cosplay Championships 2023 Trophy
  • 2 Con Tickets for VIECC® 2024
  • Other prices by partners

Third Place

  • 500€ Price money
  • VIECC® Cosplay Championships 2023 Trophy
  • 2 Con Tickets for VIECC® 2024
  • Other prices by partners

Judges Choice Awards

  • Will be awarded by the judges independently of the contest winners.
  • VIECC® Cosplay Championships Judge’s Choice 2023 Trophy
  • Other prices by partners

Apply for VIECC® Cosplay Championships Contest till November 2nd, 2023!

Are you our next Champion?

How to participate at VIECC® Cosplay Championships

VIECC® Cosplay Championships, where pop culture is celebrated in its purest form! We reward craftsmanship, creativity, dedication, attention to detail and thus your love for the “nerd and geek culture”.

Read our Rules for the Contest

Every applicant has to register using the application form and is only allowed to take part in the contest with a self-made costume.

All participants must represent a character or element of pop culture from comics, films & TV series, video games, anime & manga or fantasy.

Fill out our application form

Fill out our application form till November 02nd, 2023. 

All participants are selected by a qualified jury in the preselection.

In the final evaluation, a detailed „pre-judging“ and your presentation on the stage in front of the largest audience in Europe flow into.

Get ready for the VIECC® Cosplay Championships

After the Pre-selection is done, we will inform all the finalist for the VIECC® Cosplay Championships Contest.

The Contest will be held on our main stage on Saturday evening and is one of the main highlights of our event!

You’re ready to take this challenge?
Then apply for the VIECC® Cosplay Championships!

We wish you good luck! 

VIECC® Cosplay Championships Hall Of Fame

Winner 2019: Rozari Cosplay
Winner 2018: Ali Cosplay Props
Winner 2017: Danny McFly
Winner 2016: Okkido Cosplay
Winner 2015: AJ – Designs