David Wurawa

Actor, Producer, Author, Director and… Stage Host!

David Wurawa is an award-winning actor with deep experience in both productions, and as a thespian. David has been involved in over a hundred productions in his career.

Theatrically David has appeared at Vienna’s Burgtheater in the production Candide, in Faust at the Drachengassetheater, among other standouts.

David received accolades and awards for performances in ‘New Order’ with Franco Nero, in ‘Frankfurt Coincidences’, in ‘Ausstieg Rechts’, ‘Goliath 96’ and ‘Garten Afrika’.

David is a producer and actor in the soon-to-be-released multi-award winning TV series ‘Wienerland’, a producer in ‘League of the Rhino’ with producer Ram Bergman, and an actor in the upcoming ‘State of Consciousness’ with Emile Hirsch. David can also be seen in the Netflix new hit TV series ‘Shadow and Bone’.

David makes his home in Vienna, Austria.

On top of all that you might know David from a totally different role – right he is VIECC’s stage host from the very beginning in 2015. Meet David live on stage at the VIECC 2021 and maybe you’ll catch him for an autograph in a short break 😉 Click for more info on tickets.